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hats2dragon-costume2Not my best work, but I thought an interesting spread, so I thought I’d include it. I haven’t been using color at all, as the paper in my journal is a very absorbent cotton paper. Not only does the color soak through, but it absorbs immediately into the paper, However, with spring coming to Minnesota I feel like I just need the color, and it’s worth losing a few pages.






All winter long I’ve been working “on location” in my house. For this spread I even used my travel watercolor set  and waterbrush. My watercolor palette is by Alvin ( and I believe I got it at Cheap Joe’s. It’s like traveling with a full set of watercolors. Someday I’d like to get a teeny set with a few select colors that I could keep in my purse.

Here’s my watercolor palette that I use “on the road”. Click here



This is my first journal entry of my baby girl. There are a couple of sketches in my book of her brother, but she doesn’t hold still for one minute, EVER! I’m pretty glad I caught her, and that I was able to sneak out again and leave her still sleeping 🙂 Eliza will be two on May 9th.

leafhelperThis is a sketch I did last week when the kids and I (mostly me) were doing yard work. It’s part of a two page spread that doesn’t fit on my scanner. I’m going to try a photo next time. My “leaf helper”, by the way, recieved 10 cents for loading 1 1/2 bags. I did 29 bags. I am a leaf goddess.

windowjournalHere’s the journal page I did yesterday. My journal is 8×8″ square, a size that I love, because I can either work the square or the rectangle. Two shapes for the price of one!

These french doors are my favorite feature of my house. During the summer, the little alcove outside is filled with planters of flowers, and a hosta garden. When the doors are open, it makes me feel like my living room is outside! When it rains, it’s divine.

This was a difficult drawing for me, and it bothers me that the lines are not straight. I also wish I could add a little watercolor wash, but the paper I’m using doesn’t take it.

leaf2Hello everyone!

This is my first attempt at blogging, and as I am only minimally computer literate, it’s been a bit rocky.

I wanted a place to share my visual journal pages, because I have so enjoyed looking at others’ artwork and journal pages. This is a photo I took at Westwood Nature Center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, in the early spring. My children have taught me to notice the small bits of magic and beauty that we encounter everyday, and to take the time to stop and enjoy them. This lesson had segued into my visual journaling practice. I hope that those who visit this site will find something interesting or enriching.