Though I often think I won’t make it through another Minnesota winter, the summers here are absolutely divine. My husband Jeff and I have always enjoyed spending time on the north shore. Here’s a sketch of Lake Superior as seen from Park Point, Duluth. While I was sketching, my two young kids, Jonah and Eliza, worked with our friends on making an elaborate house for ladybugs out of driftwood. This day trip was on our way home from a lovely camping trip to Jay Cook State Park with our friends Tina and Sharon, and their son Ian.

tinaHere’s Tina sitting by the river than runs under a wonderful old railroad bridge. It was a lovely hike. The boys enjoyed throwing rocks into the water, and Eliza got way wetter than we’d planned. I like this sketch because Tina’s relaxed posture really echoes the feeling of the whole trip, and I think I captured the feeling of the bright midday sun. This journal entry really makes me feel like I’m right back there.

I love journaling on trips, and the scenery was so beautiful, I was itching to draw all the time. I always find it difficult to balance the social part of a trip with keeping a trip journal. How about you all? Maybe everyone just works faster than I do…