Thanks to my terrific mom (grammie, the superhero) I got to have the day off while she watched the kids. Off to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for a day of sketching! I loved the chaotic feeling of these black-eyed susans reaching for the sun. I so enjoy sketching outside. What am I going to do with myself when winter sets in?

japanesegardenOne of my favorite areas of the Arboretum is the Japanese Garden. Jeff and I had a lot of our wedding photos taken here.  This sketch was a challenge for me…there just seemed to be so much, and unfortunately the drawing did get muddy and hard to read. Still, there are elements that I like, so I thought I’d share it!


White cosmos with watercolor pencils, which I’ve only used once before. I love playing with them and would like to take a class sometime. I love how they blend line and wash so beautifully.