my red journal

This is my new journal- the first one that I made myself! I took a day long book binding class from Roz Stendahl at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I really decided to take it out of necessity, because I was always disappointed in my “manufactured” sketchbooks, because I didn’t quite like the size, shape, paper, etc. and I just want what I want! Also, buying a handmade journal, while a lovely experience, is pretty pricey. I am amassing my supplies, and planning to make a set of journals on my own, 7×7 square, with various papers I’ve been wanting to try. I’m so excited! Here’s what came out of our first little trip together to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts…my mental health day while the kids were in preschool.

kiss of victory

Kiss of Victory (marble) 1878-1881

Sir Alfred Gilbert

I am using a Derwent Light Wash graphite pencil on Velin Arches paper.

lost pleiad

The Lost Pleiad (marble)

Randolph Rogers 1874


Boreas Abduction Orithyia (bronze reduction cast)

Gaspard Marsy and Ansiline Flamen c. 1700

My husband cannot “read” this at all. Does everyone see a male and female torso? Am I nuts?