laura-drawingI’m Laura Schmieg. Last year I left a 14-year career as an educator to be at home full time with my two children, Jonah (4 1/2) and Eliza (2) . I am blessed to have a terrific hubby, Jeff, who works his tushie off so that our kids can have their mom.

I have always loved art. during high school and college, I had a passionate love of music, and enjoyed singing in choirs and various musical ensembles. After I finished school, I became a frustrated painter and hoarder of art supplies. I wanted to learn art, and took adult classes here and there. From every class I learned a little something, but I really wasn’t becoming skilled  I knew I needed to learn how to draw, but who wants to take a drawing class, when everything else sounds so much more interesting!

When my son was little, I ran into one of my art teachers from the Edina Art Center at a bookstore near my house. I had stopped taking classes after I got divorced, remarried, and had my first child. Who had the time? Anyway, it turned out that she had started her own art studio, very near to where I was living. I stuck her business card in my pocket, and later in a desk drawer. Interesting idea, but hey, no time.

A year or two after that I had not one, but two children. My baby girl was a few months old, my son almost three. I was working part time and raising two little kids. There was a lot of joy in my life, but part of me was drowning. I was unhappy in my job, sleep deprived, and stretched too thin. Somehow I knew that the thing to do was to dig out that old business card and check it out. Monkeybridge Arts. Sheila McNellis Asato became my friend and mentor. My mom came to help out with the kids while I worked with Sheila, racing home to nurse the baby when our sessions were finished. She broke it to me gently that I needed to learn how to draw. It took about six months to a year for me to learn how to draw fairly well, and longer than that to find out that I not only could tolerate drawing, I could maybe even like drawing. Now I love to draw and try to practice everyday.

At Monkeybridge I found a vibrant, creative, supportive group of people who were doing all sorts of wonderful art. A friend intorduced me to visual journaling. I have now been drawing for about two years, and journaling for a couple of months.

This is what I’ve learned from being a full time mom and also from practicing art. Baby steps are important. Life is a creation made up of a million little pieces, a million little moments… some wonderful, some frustrating, some exhilarating and some unbearable. If you show up, you’ll be there for the really great stuff. And if you look at the whole with all its parts,  you will see something to behold.

Being part of a community is essential. I hope you enjoy a little of me that I’ve put out there for you. Thanks for stopping by!