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I find that my visual journaling practiceboots allows me to experiment much more freely than I would otherwise. First, there is something about being “on location”, even if I’m in my own house. Relaxed, with my journal on my lap, so different from a blank sheet of paper in my studio space. Sometimes outside with the wind ruffling my hair and miscellaneous sounds floating through…

Also, having a whole book open fuels my anxiety less than a single page. Hey, if things don’t work out, turn the page! There are a hundred more chances! My new journal has a mixture of fabriano watercolor paper and blue tinted pastel paper. Here’s an experiment I did with pen and white colored pencil on the white paper. I like the tinted paper because it gets the ball rolling- you start with and interesting problem, and not a blank sheet of white paper.

peonyHere is my first watercolor pencil drawing. This spring I was doing a lot of drawing in my yard. I was craving the outdoors, and I would work in my yard with open windows while my kids were napping. Looking back, it was a time that the art was getting a lot of energy from my. I think it had a lot to do with spring, and the energy of everything being awakened around me.

In my journaling, I have found that I have tried a lot more media than I would have otherwise. I also loved the challenge of drawing something “white” and seeing all the delicate colors.

irisHere is an Iris I did during the same period, with Prismacolor colored pencil on the blue paper. The use of white pencil for the highlights led to the boot drawing above.


my journal     Isn’t it pretty? It’s a lovely combination of Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper and a blue tinted pastel paper. I ordered it from Brenda was lovely to work with, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Someday I would like to bind my own journals, but until then, Brenda gets my business!

hats2dragon-costume2Not my best work, but I thought an interesting spread, so I thought I’d include it. I haven’t been using color at all, as the paper in my journal is a very absorbent cotton paper. Not only does the color soak through, but it absorbs immediately into the paper, However, with spring coming to Minnesota I feel like I just need the color, and it’s worth losing a few pages.






All winter long I’ve been working “on location” in my house. For this spread I even used my travel watercolor set  and waterbrush. My watercolor palette is by Alvin ( and I believe I got it at Cheap Joe’s. It’s like traveling with a full set of watercolors. Someday I’d like to get a teeny set with a few select colors that I could keep in my purse.

Here’s my watercolor palette that I use “on the road”. Click here