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I find that my visual journaling practiceboots allows me to experiment much more freely than I would otherwise. First, there is something about being “on location”, even if I’m in my own house. Relaxed, with my journal on my lap, so different from a blank sheet of paper in my studio space. Sometimes outside with the wind ruffling my hair and miscellaneous sounds floating through…

Also, having a whole book open fuels my anxiety less than a single page. Hey, if things don’t work out, turn the page! There are a hundred more chances! My new journal has a mixture of fabriano watercolor paper and blue tinted pastel paper. Here’s an experiment I did with pen and white colored pencil on the white paper. I like the tinted paper because it gets the ball rolling- you start with and interesting problem, and not a blank sheet of white paper.

peonyHere is my first watercolor pencil drawing. This spring I was doing a lot of drawing in my yard. I was craving the outdoors, and I would work in my yard with open windows while my kids were napping. Looking back, it was a time that the art was getting a lot of energy from my. I think it had a lot to do with spring, and the energy of everything being awakened around me.

In my journaling, I have found that I have tried a lot more media than I would have otherwise. I also loved the challenge of drawing something “white” and seeing all the delicate colors.

irisHere is an Iris I did during the same period, with Prismacolor colored pencil on the blue paper. The use of white pencil for the highlights led to the boot drawing above.


leafhelperThis is a sketch I did last week when the kids and I (mostly me) were doing yard work. It’s part of a two page spread that doesn’t fit on my scanner. I’m going to try a photo next time. My “leaf helper”, by the way, recieved 10 cents for loading 1 1/2 bags. I did 29 bags. I am a leaf goddess.