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Here is a colored pencil sketch that I worked on this week. I missed the texture, but I like the shape. And I ate them when I was finished. Bonus.


hats2dragon-costume2Not my best work, but I thought an interesting spread, so I thought I’d include it. I haven’t been using color at all, as the paper in my journal is a very absorbent cotton paper. Not only does the color soak through, but it absorbs immediately into the paper, However, with spring coming to Minnesota I feel like I just need the color, and it’s worth losing a few pages.






All winter long I’ve been working “on location” in my house. For this spread I even used my travel watercolor set  and waterbrush. My watercolor palette is by Alvin ( and I believe I got it at Cheap Joe’s. It’s like traveling with a full set of watercolors. Someday I’d like to get a teeny set with a few select colors that I could keep in my purse.

Here’s my watercolor palette that I use “on the road”. Click here

leafhelperThis is a sketch I did last week when the kids and I (mostly me) were doing yard work. It’s part of a two page spread that doesn’t fit on my scanner. I’m going to try a photo next time. My “leaf helper”, by the way, recieved 10 cents for loading 1 1/2 bags. I did 29 bags. I am a leaf goddess.